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TEKPRO Dec Group lej zasysającyMounted directly on the outlet of the equipment to be discharged, the Suction Hopper improves the emptying of any kind of equipment. It is available in a range of sizes. Depending on the powder characteristics (lumpy, wet, non free-flowing, etc.) the design of the hopper can be adapted.


  • AISI type 316L stainless steel, electro-polished
  • DIN or ANSI flanges
  • Standard flange sizes from DN200 to DN400
  • Outlet tubes according to PTS size
  • Standard motor size of 1.5 kW


  • Evacuation of lumpy, compacted or sticky powders
  • Direct discharge of dryers, centrifuges, containers, big bags, etc.
  • Prevents bridging
  • Provides a homogeneous powder
  • Simple, compact
  • Low noise emission
  • Low dust formation
  • No powder degradation
  • Connects to any process equipment
  • Ideal for wet powder
  • Integrated fluidization cone optimizes flow
  • Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and the
  • European standard EN-13463 risk analysis · Certified for Ex zone 1/21


  • Various materials available (Hastelloy, coated, etc.)
  • Special flanges available
  • CIP
  • Dosing possibilities
  • Different lump breaking tools
  • Very low height design

TEKPRO Dec Group lej zasysający1 Standard Suction Hopper
The hopper is designed with a special discharge angle allowing full emptying of the equipment. The size is adapted on one side to the equipment to be discharged and on the other side to the required PTS model. The standard hopper is equipped with a fluidization filter allowing an optimal control of the powder flow.

2 LB Hopper
The LB Hopper, in combination with the PTS System, is the ideal solution for evacuating lumpy or compacted powder without changing its characteristics. It is equipped with a tool whichbreaks bridges and lumps to provide a constant powder flow. The system with its limited height is easily installed directly at the outlet of existing equipments such as dryers etc. with limited head space.

3 Fluidization Hopper
The hopper is equipped with a fluidization cone constructed of a special porous material. The product flow of sticky or non freeflowing powders is optimized by compressed gas which flows through the pores of the cone. Inert gas can be used in case of flammable products.

4 Fluidization Hopper with lump breaker
In case of lumpy and bridging products, a combination of a fluidization cone and a lump breaker can be supplied. With this combination nearly any product can be handled efficiently

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